Reviewing Your Future Dental Implant Procedure

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Here is a quick review for you to explore at your convenience. And at a later stage when more time is available to you you might want to go through the dental implants reviews houston practitioners might be able to offer you in a lot more detail. A more thorough review is recommended and will certainly work in your favor. In the beginning, a consultation and treatment plan will need to be put together.

This usually takes a few weeks to put together. And should extractions be required, so too further scheduling and a few more weeks to prepare. After the actual extractions are done, a minimum of ten days healing time might be required. It is possible that bone grafting may need to be done before the dentist can start preparing implants for the patient. This takes a few weeks to schedule as well.

And it could even take an entire year for the healing process to be completed once the bone grafting has been done. But by the time the patient is ready for his implants, the actual placement might only take a few hours. More complex procedures could take up to a year to complete. The process of osseointegration can take up to five months if it affects the lower jaw, and seven months for the upper jawbone.

After that, a healing collar needs to be worn. This needs to stay in the mouth for at least two weeks. If abutment placements are required, two weeks of healing time will be required. A temporary crown can be worn for up to six weeks while the permanent crown is being prepared. Finally, placing an artificial tooth replacement may only require two visits to the dentist to complete the process.